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Hello readers and welcome to my blog: Book Odds n’ Ends!

This is my first blog and my first time actually doing anything like this. Of course I have Pinterest, and Facebook on which I share various things, but this blog will be a medium for me to focus on and share my passion of reading with others.

I hope to use this blog to provide “tid bits” into the life of a full time reader. I want to share anything related to books and to reading. Whether that is a book I am currently devouring, a review on a book I just finished, a quote about reading, a book related photo, my latest book haul or anything else that I want to express.

I could spend hours talking about books to my family and friends, but it’s tough to find someone who shares the same enthusiasm I do for books and for reading. I hope this blog reaches those out there who spend their free time reading, think of book stores as candy stores, and who always want to tell others about the book they are reading.

This blog is for you if: you practically run to the 50% off book sale at your local book store, you think the best part of vacations is reading, you collect anything book related, you ask only for books for Christmas, you get a thrill out of reorganizing your books shelf, you read when you can’t read by listening to audio books, and anything else that encourages your love of books.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and I hope you share, and comment on posts that resonate with you!

Cheers to books, and to the readers that read them!



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