The Afterword Reading Society



I joined the Afterword Reading Society this year and I love the idea behind it. Anyone can join the society by registering online here:
The Afterward Reading Society is featured in the National Post newspaper, in print and online.
If you become a member of the Society you will receive an email every week stating that week’s book. If it looks like a book you are interested in reading then you can request the book. The Society only has a limited number of books to send out each time, so a book request does not guarantee receipt of a book. Since joining I have requested approx. 5-7 books, and received my first book about 2 months after joining. I received the Lemon Grove (Helen Walsh). If you receive the book, you read it and then answer a list of questions forwarded to you through email. The questions vary such as, how many sittings it took you to finish the book, whether you liked the beginning or the ending better, and a question for the author. The answers are then featured in the paper on Tuesdays. I answered these questions and a couple of my answers were featured in the article. You can see the article on the Lemon Grove here:
I love the idea behind this society because you can receive free books (who doesn’t want free books?), it gives you the opportunity to read a book you may not have been interested in otherwise, you get to see multiple people’s opinions (as well as your own) on the same book when that week’s book is featured in the paper (who doesn’t want to be in the paper?), and you also get to ask the author a question about the book and hear back answers from them. The questions to the author are always my favourite part because it gives you an opportunity to interact with authors and feel like they are a part of your own book club.
The Afterword Reading Society also does another feature called, “Off The Books”. Society members submit what books they are currently reading, and these books are featured every Saturday.

The Afterword Reading Society is featured on my blog to keep you updated with what the society is currently reading!
I hope you will join!



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