Dreaming of Christmas In Iceland


iceland 2


I read this article a couple weeks ago and I thought to myself I need to move to Iceland. I have always wanted to travel to Iceland, but to move there I hadn’t considered until reading this article.
The third paragraph is what really got me. I instantly started imagining the joy I would have waking up Christmas morning to find nothing but beautifully wrapped books under the Christmas tree. To anyone who says I am difficult to shop for, I really am the easiest. If I only received books for every occasion I would be the happiest girl in the world.
I also have to admit that I have attempted, as I’m sure many other book lovers have, to share my love of books with others by buying them books for Christmas and other holidays. Unfortunately, the recipients of these books aren’t always as enthusiastic about the books as I am giving them. But if I lived in Iceland, where the most popular gift is books, I would be wonderfully happy to receive nothing but books, and others would be wonderfully happy to receive the same from me.


So Christmas in Iceland is what got me. But then I kept reading. I never knew that Iceland had such an environment based around literacy. I can’t imagine how it would feel to be a part of a community surrounded by people who share a love and passion for reading and writing. I can only imagine how inspired and proud Icelanders may feel to come from a country with the most published authors than anywhere else in the world, and whose culture revolves around literacy. I can also imagine how connected everyone must feel living in Iceland and knowing how supportive others are of your literacy work. This is a culture I feel I would instantly feel at home in. I’m sure a conversation could be struck up with almost anyone about what they are writing, or about authors they know, and books they love that have been published by authors they love and know as well. And to travel around Iceland, and be able to live in, see, and experience the places written about by Icelandic authors would also be an amazing life expereience.

Reading this article strengthens my desire to travel to Iceland. This destination is now top of my list. I want to know how it feels to be in a community with such a strong focus on literacy, versus that where I come from where it is a struggle to find others close to me who share the same passion of books and reading.

Maybe Iceland is where I am meant to be? Iceland could be a reader’s paradise, and I am axious to find out!


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