Missed Out


As I posted on Wednesday, last Thursday was the 50% off book sale that I was counting down the days to. The date had worked out perfectly with my work schedule and I was so excited to be able to make it to the sale.
Well, it didn’t happen. I got drafted to work on Thursday and when I got the phone call, all of the books I could have been buying flashed before my eyes. I can’t believe I missed the sale.

As always, I would have gone straight to the Best Sellers Collection to look for newer released books. I can always find most of my books here.
Next is to the letter “H” section to look for books by Kristin Hannah. Then to “J” for James Patterson. And lastly, to “S”, and “W” for Nicholas Sparks and Jennifer Weiner.
After finding my selection of books if I am still under my limit of 10, or any other time I’m in the bookstore I go to the Young Adult section to see if there are any classics, or other books that I could add to my collection for my future kids.

So I missed out on this sale. But I am hopeful, because the Goodwill Bookstore hosts 50% off sales at the beginning of every season and sometimes in between. I guess I will just start counting down the days until the next sale. Until then, I will just have to suck it up and pay $4 for books in brand new condition. (A not so tough thing to do!)


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