Books on a Plane



As you may have read on my “About Me” page, I am a flight attendant.
I see travellers off on their vacations and get aways.
One of my favourite parts of travelling is picking the books I will bring with me and then settling in to read my books in the car, on the plane, at the beach, or hotel, and anywhere I can in between.
These days I see people boarding the plane with nothing but electronic devices, or those who are anticipating an in flight entertainment system. Despite the ever-growing age of technology and electronic devices, I feel a connection to those who still find solace and entertainment in reading a good ol’ paperback.
While I watch people boarding the plane and keep an eye out for those sometimes rare passengers travelling with books. Later in the flight, I love walking down the aisle and observing the passengers, who like me, would rather read on a plane than use technology.
I get excited especially when I see a passenger reading a book that I have read and loved. And then feel proud of others for still enjoying books.
This past week on the plane I saw a couple of passengers reading books by authors I love, and especially some of my favourites.


I love a chance to tell passengers that I love the book they are reading (Still Alice) or ask them about a book I have on my list to read (A House in the Sky).

As exciting as it can be when I see passengers reading on the plane, it makes me so sad when they forget their book behind. I instantly imagine them settling down to read by the pool, reaching for their book and realizing they left it behind. I know how disappointed I would be. Hopefully they follow one of my “Reading Rules” and always have an extra book on hand!

As long as I am flying, and passengers are reading I will be making these posts. So watch for more “Books on a Plane” posts, updated following every work week of flying!


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