Searching for the Library



Check out this article by Emily Temple on Flavorwire featuring “The 25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries In the World”.

I am currently trying to expose my self to more travelling in hopes of catching the travel bug. Unfortunately I have avoided being infected so far. But! This article makes me rethink travelling and how I may enjoy it more.

Why not seek out the World’s libraries?

This article features so many beautiful libraries that it makes me want to go to all of these places just to see them in person.
I could spend hours in a library, exploring the different levels and the different sections they have to offer. Walking down aisles touching the books, observing others, and hiking the stairs to find the perfect reading spot. I know that the next time I am travelling it will be one of my goals to find a library where ever I am. It will be amazing to see that despite differing cultures, languages, or beliefs, a library and a passion for books and reading can cross borders and will be seen across the world. I know that when I am away from home, a library might just be the place I need for some home comfort and a welcoming place to go to when I feel alone.

These are a few of my favourites from Temple’s post:

Some people seek out restaurants, monuments, or attractions. I want to be the person that seeks out libraries. And, I will be on my next travels!

Recently, I went to the Nipissing University Library, and I loved it. It was bright, airy, and a place I would totally be comfortable wandering and spending hours in. Unfortunately, I’m not in school, but my boyfriend is going there, and he may have to live with the fact that I may be more excited to visit the library than to come visit him….

Have you been to any libraries in a different country, province, state, or city?


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