Sometimes Books Make Me Hungry



This article is written by Hila Isler, found in the September issue of “the Oprah Magazine”.

The article features artist Dinah Fried, who recreates literary food scenes. From Moby Dick to the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Fried prepares the dishes described in the books and creates other props to fit in with the scene.


Fried has compiled her work in a book titled, “Fictitious Dishes”, and I really want to check it out! (And own it, and put it on my future coffee table, in my future house).

I love how creative images taken from an author’s vision can be so beautifully interpreted and displayed. Fried’s art is so original and such a smart and inventive idea that, I wish I had the talent and the idea first! I love that both the author’s and the artist’s talents can be brought together, displayed, and appreciated by readers, foodies, and art goers alike. I wonder how honoured the authors of these books would feel to see their visions brought to life by Fried and displayed for so many others to appreciate.

I know in some book clubs the meals or snacks are prepared based on the theme of the book read, but this would be taking it to a whole new level. Maybe a book club needs to be created (that I am a member of) that combines a love of art, food, and books; that’s sole purpose is to read books with food scenes so that the club can eat “fictitious dishes”!


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