Boom Goes the Library


I recently watched this CTV news clip titled, “Canada’s Library Boom”.

The clip features Marie Deyoung, President of the Canadian Library Association. (um maybe a new dream job?)

I love the emotion this clip evokes. While watching this clip I couldn’t help but feel a sense of hope, ambition, and pride for the future of libraries. This clip offers such a prosperous vision for the future of libraries and it makes me so proud!

I know that I want to go to each library mentioned in this clip and feel the energy of the library and of the people seeking out what the libraries have to offer.

I also love how Deyoung explains the role libraries have in communities.


How amazing would it be? …..To work in an establishment where you bring people of all ages together, to provide knowledge, and adventure, and to be able to offer to and support individuals with countless tools, ideas, technologies, and programs; all aimed for creating a positive impact on someone’s life and their community. I will tell you. It would be the most amazing thing in the world! Librarians absolutely have the best job in the world, there is no other job and role like the one librarians do.

I hope that the “boom” these libraries are going through right now creates a bright light for libraries in the future to follow!

Cheers, to the future of libraries and the librarians who have the honour of working in such amazing environments!


5 thoughts on “Boom Goes the Library

    • I know what you mean. Libraries can be such treasure troves if people would just take the time to go to them and appreciate all that they have to offer! Thank you so much for the nomination. I will follow up as soon as I get a break from work this week!


  1. I find peace and solace in libraries. If you ever come to Columbus, Ohio you should look at our main library downtown. It was constructed around the old school for the deaf. The marble walls are awesome on the inside.


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