“A Portrait As She’d Wish You’d Remember Her”


“The 365 Poetry Project” is a blog that I recently started following since starting my own blog. Charlotte Cuevas took on a poetry challenge to write a poem a day for a year and she posts her work on this blog. http://charlottecuevas.wordpress.com/

I admit that I am not one to read poetry (nor understand it half the time, when I do), but when I found this blog I felt such a connection to her work. I feel like I can understand what her poems are saying and portraying and they speak to me more than any other poetry has. Cuevas’ writing style flows well, is easy to read, but requires you to ponder on the overall meaning she is trying to portray, and the vision she is creating with her words.

Here is a recent poem written by Cuevas and it was too good not to post on my blog. I am so happy to share this poem with you! http://charlottecuevas.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/day-356-a-portrait-as-shed-wish-you-to-remember-her/


She walks as what she is:
          a young librarian on her day off. 
Down the avenue lightly,
             glasses because she needs them,
          books because she reads them.
         There is no artifice in her world.

      She passes two street singers
                              hollering greetings with smirks and dirty eyes,
                                she croaks a ‘hello’ and an embarrassed smile-
   she hasn’t yet spoken today.

                             And there is a secret in the stack she carries,
            at the bottom of her Starbucks cup,
                           rustling the trees and her skirt and her heart,
                           painting today a perfect picture of the whole,
                               a quiet characteristic that need never be spoke,
         a hole that at last has been filled.

-Charlotte Cuevas

There are a couple of lines in this poem that really stand out to me:

“Glasses because she needs them”
“Books because she reads them”
“She hasn’t yet spoken today”

I guess I can relate to these lines because I need glasses, I carry books around with me because I read them, and there are days when I realize I have yet to speak out loud to anybody (It can be hit or miss a good feeling).

This last line I like to think completely embodies my personality, and who I am. I am introverted, quiet, and shy. I speak little, but have so much to think about. I think the world needs more people like this. Society is so loud, with conversations over powering each other, with people who feel they need to use their voice to fill the silence.
Us quiet people have secrets, we have perfect days of silence, we wait for the people who want to take the time to get to know us; to remember us.

These are the ways I like to be remembered. Most of the time this makes it difficult to be remembered, but so much more worth it when I am remembered. This poem makes me feel like it is ok to be myself. The title is exactly how I feel when I enter this loud world as the quiet one. I have hope for those to remember me in a positive way as the one with,”no artifice”, and the, “embarrassed smile”, and the one who, “hasn’t yet spoken today”.

Thank you Charlotte Cuevas for allowing me to share your beautiful poem, and for writing a poem that I can really relate to!


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