A Guide to Reading


I recently read a how to guide on reading and how to start reading if you have never enjoyed it before. I read this guide and my overall impression was that if I was someone who didn’t enjoy reading but wanted to and therefore sought out this guide, the end result would probably go something like this: if I didn’t enjoy reading before this guide I would probably hate it even more after reading the guide and trying to follow it.
I mean no offence to the author of this guide or their intentions but it gave me the wrong impression about reading and I felt bad for anyone attempting to follow their guide. It was more of a read this first, then read this, then read this, and this, and this. I enjoy reading. I love it. But if I read half of what was on this list I would end up despising reading. You get the idea. Maybe you can even imagine what was included on this list?

I feel like sometimes people are biased against reading because of their past experiences with reading. Maybe they were forced to read something they didn’t enjoy by an English class or parent. Or maybe they didn’t give reading a fair shot by thinking of how many other things they could be doing instead of reading. Or maybe people would rather watch the movie instead because it would be faster. I mean there are a lot of different reasons why someone might not enjoy or be interested in reading but I think the worst is that they simply don’t like reading because they aren’t reading something they like.

My how to read guide would go something like this:

how to

Basically, read what you like, what you enjoy, and what makes you happy; what ever it is that makes you like reading. If you don’t enjoy what you are reading then stop reading it and move on to something you do enjoy. Once you find something you enjoy keep reading it.

I think people sometimes don’t realize that reading doesn’t have to be limited to novels.

You could read:
CD cover inserts
Instruction manuals
The car manual sitting in your glove box
Children’s books
Travel Guides
The credits rolling at the end of a film

When people say they don’t like reading I imagine what they are really trying to say is that, “I haven’t found what I like reading yet”.
It’s sad to think of how many people are missing out on the wonderous pleasure of reading. If only people could get the right start and find something they enjoy reading. Books have so much to offer and reading has many benefits that it’s too important to just say you don’t like it and never do it.

So try just reading something you enjoy. You may find it in novels, or some place strange, but please don’t give up say you don’t like reading!


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