You Can’t Unread What’s Already Been Read


You can’t un-see what’s already been seen, same goes for what’s read can’t be unread.

I realized this after watching one my favourite movies (Law Abiding Citizen) for who knows what repeated time. I thought to myself how awesome this movie was the first time watching it, and how sad it is that I will never get to experience that feeling ever again. Once you’ve seen a movie you can’t un-see it. You can’t rewind to that time when you didn’t know what was going to happen or how the ending turns out.
The same thing goes for books. A book can only be read for the first time once and you can never get that back. It still gets me, when ever I really really consider this.

This image recaptures what I am trying to explain:


Is there a book that you wish you could re-read for the first time?

There are so many good books that I have passed on to others suggesting they read and sometimes I wish I was on the other end of that book reading it for the first time again.


One thought on “You Can’t Unread What’s Already Been Read

  1. Jenx

    I don’t really have have a book I really loved that much that I’d want to re-read for the first time. Honestly I have said many times I would re-read a book but I have never done it. However I would really like to un-read Gone Girl and get back the hours I spent reading that one. Really didn’t like it.


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