Starting in the 20’s


When I turned twenty in 2012, I made it my goal to keep track of all of the books I will read in the next twenty years of my life.


I wish I could go back in time and write down every single book I have read, because I imagine that number to be in the 1000s now.

I think it would be an amazing gift to a reader to receive, say on their 20th birthday, a journal of all of the books they have read so far in their life.

It might take quite a lot of work on my part, but I think I might do this for my children….(easy to say now….).

But until then I have been keeping my own journal from the last two years.
The pages don’t fill up as fast as my shelves, but I do like to flip back through the pages and remember when and where I was reading a specific book. Some are harder to remember than others but more often than not I can actually remember reading the book, and maybe a specific place where I was reading it.

I think my journal might also come in handy when I have children, as they reach their twenties, I can look back and say, ” I read this book when I was twenty-one, and it got me through what you’re going through now, why don’t you try reading it?”

Again this is wishful dreaming. I can’t imagine my children not enjoying reading but you never know. I hope that they will be able to find the same passion I have for reading within themselves and be able to see their book journals as a huge accomplishment. That they were able to take language, and the skill of literacy, and use books to enhance their learning, travelling, imaginations, knowledge, and to have a personal appreciation for what books have to offer them.



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