Book Store Fronts


It`s amazing how stores selling the same items – books, could have such different appearances. It`s interesting to think how geography, character, traditions, etc. can play into what a book store can look like and feel like, despite offering the same thing.

It appears that San Fran might be the place to go for independent book stores. From the images I have found, they appear so welcoming, and not like your average used or independent book store (at least like the ones in my city). It makes me wonder if I should take some time to explore Toronto and discover the independent bookstores the city has to offer. I have been to World`s Biggest Bookstore located in Toronto, but it has since been closed. (Despite its name, it was not actually the world`s biggest bookstore).

These store fronts reminds me of my post Searching for the Library . Libraries too in different cities, and countries can have such different atmospheres, character, and design.

I love the look of all of the following book store fronts. Whether it`s because of the windows, a catching sign, or the piles of book, I know that I would stop in any of these book stores to explore.


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