Keeping up with a blog is quite the commitment, which I have really lacked in the last while.

Slowly this blog has worked it’s way down the priority list, as I worked three jobs, travelled for work, and maintained other aspects of my life.

Most days I struggle to even use technology, for emails, internet, etc. let alone find the time to write blog posts.

Most importantly I have been in such a reading drought. Being interested in books and reading just hasn’t been top of the list.

But I am finally finding the “me time” I deserve. I’m committing to my life, my happiness, and doing the things that make me happy. As I strive towards this, reading miraculously finds it’s way to the top of the priority list and I have found myself reading over 10 hours in the last couple of days. I have two books down and am half way into my third.

I have been to the book store, reorganized and purged my bookshelf, and I have been reading!

I am currently on day 3 of two weeks off and I am dedicating these weeks to books and to spending my time reading.

As I delve back into my interest and passion I know that I will find topics for posts to write and find the interest for my blog again.

Welcome back.



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