Bad Literature


Bad books, the one you have to stop reading, or the one you regret wasting the time reading. We have all been there and I am sure many will come to mind if you think about it.

Not all books are for everyone and books are constantly placed on the good book – bad book scale anywhere from the New York Times Best Seller List, to personal reviews on the Good Reads website.

But what exactly is it that makes a good book or a bad book? What is it that makes some people enjoy a book to the point that it becomes an international success, and an obsession to some? (Example: Twilight – Stephenie Meyer ) Yet also be a book that so many hate and deem “crap”?




An English professor at a college in Pennsylvania has created a course for students to investigate this phenomena. This course is called “Bad Literature” and can be read all about in this article: Where Bad Literature makes good reading: A professor and students discuss what makes a book ‘crap’.

A course where it is okay for students to take part in character shaming, tearing apart plot lines, and book ending bashing.  The goal of the course is to think critically about what it takes and what is involved in creating literature, both good and bad.




I think that this would be an interesting course to take as an elective and something I would definitely consider taking if the school I went to offered this course. (I did take a course in college titled: From Fiction to Film). I like the idea of discussing various aspects of a book and those that are common patterns in many works of fiction. I like the idea of reading something I may not other wise read and the potential to find new authors or genres I never knew about or tried before.

As for now I think I will keep to my basic instinct of determining whether a book is good or bad to my own standards (find more on this in my post: 10 Reading Rules to Live By) and keep reading what I enjoy and hopefully being open to trying new types of books.


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