My Library


Better late than never to resume a lost project.


How accurate is this library imagined by illustrator Tom Gauld?

My Library- Tom Gauld

My bookshelves continually hold books in each of these categories.

I usually have less read books than anything else as I have to make room for new additions.

Looking at my book shelf now:


Read: Hmmm… I can’t see any

Intending to read: Pretty much each book on the shelf

Half Read: The Other Life – Susanne Winacker
Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham
One Day – David Nicholls

Pretend I’ve Read: I may or may not count a few books in my collection as read but truthfully these are books I got more than halfway through and just gave up on. They get removed from the shelf along with the truthfully read books.

Saving for When I Have More Time: Far From the Tree – Andrew Solomon
Sapiens – A Brief History of Human Kind – Yuval Noah Harari

Will Never Read: Hard to admit but if I had to say….
Gone Girl  – Gillian Flynn (Already saw the movie)

Purely For Show: This one is too funny….
The Signature of All Things – Elizabeth Gilbert
The three in the bottom right corner by  Alice Morton

Read But Can’t Remember a Single Thing About and Wish I Hadn’t Read probably deserve their own blog post. But since there aren’t any read books on the shelf right now that will have to wait for another time.


This was a fun reflection. I know that when the day comes when I can display my book collection in its entirety I will have multiple books in each of these categories. If one thing is true through, I know that there will always be more books in the Intending to Read category, compared to the amount of books I can add to the Read category.



“The Ideal Bookshelf”


The Ideal Book Shelf Blog and Website (links above), feature some of my favourite book artwork by artist Jane Mount.

She started the project of the Ideal Bookshelf in 2007 and has since then been painting people through their bookshelves; featuring the books they love.


Through the website you can order a painting of your own custom book shelf or you can order a print of a pre-made bookshelf.


This art makes me think of which books have shaped the person I am, have taught me things, have been there through rough times, and have enlightened my life. I don’t know how many books I have read in my 21 years, but I know that it is too many to fit on one of Mount’s bookshelves.
If I had to choose 7 books these are the ones I would choose:

1. The Girl-Son (Ann E. Neubeger) – This is my all time favourite book. I think I read it 8-10 times in elelmentary school alone, and just received my own copy a few months ago.

2. The Face on the Milk Carton (Caroline B. Cooney) – Another favourite from when I was growing up.

3. A Change of Heart (Jodi Picoult) – My favourite book, by my favouite author.

4. Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell) – Insightful, and thought provoking. It got me thinking about things I have never considered before.

5. The Catcher in the Rye (J. D. Salinger) – I read this book in highschool, and I instantly related to Holden’s character.

6. Still Alice (Lisa Genova) – Such an interesting perspective. A heart breaking story, but full of love that makes you appreciate your family and those close to you.

7. Firefly Lane (Kristin Hannah) – This is the book that led me to my second favourite author. It made me cry and I was hooked.

I would really love to have a portrait of my books. Maybe one day. Although I think it might be difficult to commit to 7 books, or even to one shelf….

Which books would you put on your bookshelf?