She Reads


she reads
Apparently I’ve been on a she reading spree.
Buying books about women, written for women, by women.

These are the books I’ve picked up recently:

I also considered buying this book too:

I decided to check it out from the library before buying it because I’m not sure if it would apply to someone (me) with a long term boyfriend? Any thoughts?
I want to believe it relates to me because I have a man that loves me, and I tend to be closer to the bitch side of the bunny-bitch scale. I can definietly hold my own in my relationship, and in life too!

I think these books will be a nice vacation from reading typical books to reading girly books.


Book-y Buys


Isn’t it always the case that you can spend hours seeking the perfect gift for someone else, but easliy stumble upon the perfect gift your self in a matter of minutes in your favourite store?

Well I admit that this happens all to regularly to me. I am the best at buying gifts for myself.

And so the most recent buys found at indigo:

A super cute book bag, and a super cute library shelf mug!

Paired together, wouldn’t this make such a cute gift for a book lover?
Easily enough, I was the perfect book lover to buy these for. (No gift reciept needed!)

50% Off Booksale!!



Tomorrow, July 31st, 2014 the Goodwill Book Store is having their 50% off sale.
This is the ultimate chance to stock up on books and get like new books for an amazing price.

This is where I purchase most of my books. Hardcovers, and soft covers are $4. It always amazes me the condition of books that people donate. I imagine people buying brand new books just to dontate, or people reading them once and then donating them. The books are usually in absolute great condition.

The Sale allows you to purchase up to 10 books per person. This means if you buy 10 books all regularly priced at $4, you will only pay $20 for 10 books!

Bonus! There are now two locations in London, Ontario, meaning you can hit up both stores for up to 20 books for as little as $40! (The average Hardcover book price os $35 dollars. This means you are getting 20x the books for the price of one!)



Stay tuned for an updated post tomorrow to see my book haul!