Insta Books



In the last year Instagram has become all the more popular and I find myself using the application on a daily basis.

I have enjoyed finding others who share the same interests and I have managed to find a few users who dedicate their pages to books. Click on the links provided if you want to start following these pages on intstagram.



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I love seeing their layouts of books, home decor, and art. I find travelling the store though pictures is a good way to save money, instead of travelling through the actual store, in person or online.

Penguin Books

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Hardie Grant Books because sometimes an international look at books provides new insights.

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Random House Canada 

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And more personal pages highly worth following:

The Bookworm Club

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It Begins with an Idea

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These pages both take a focus on children, children’s books, and wonderful resources. One of the things I look forward to most about having children is being able to read to them and share books with them. I am always seeing new and old books on both of these pages that I either already have in my collection or want to add.