Is it Weird?


I’ve recently read the following books:
My Story – Elizabeth Smart mys

A Stolen Life – Jaycee Duggardasl


My question is: is it weird to enjoy reading these books?

Other books that I’ve read, like Still Missing – Chevy Stevens, Room – Emma Donoghue, are similar but in a fiction medium.



Fiction or not, these books read like thrillers, they are mysterious, they are gruesome, horrific, and thankfully have happy endings.

Maybe the happy ending makes these books easier to read; the endings are the light at the end of the tunnel.

I guess there is no need to justify reading a book, other than that I enjoy reading them. But what makes me ask is it weird is that I sometimes feel guilty, or that there is something wrong in enjoying reading a book about these horrible acts.

These books serve an amazing purpose though. They educate, they allow you to empathise, they allow you to be thankful and appreciative, and they give you that motivation to want to help others in these situations. I am now more informed, empathetic, thankful, and I do want to help those in these situations.

I am happy that these stories all have happy endings. As much as I enjoy reading about their stories, I hope that there aren’t more stories to come.