A Year of Reading




This year was a busy year, and unfortunately it reflects in my total number of books read for 2014.
In 2014 I was able to read 47 books.

3 of my favourite books that I read this year are:
The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin
Wedding Night – Sophie Kinsella
Love Anthony – Lisa Genova

In 2015 I am setting a goal to read more and to reach 60 books.

3 of the books I can’t wait to read this year are:
The Power of Why – Amanda Lang
Sutton – J R Moehringer
Freakonomics – Steven B Levitt and Stephen J Dubner



Is it Weird?


I’ve recently read the following books:
My Story – Elizabeth Smart mys

A Stolen Life – Jaycee Duggardasl


My question is: is it weird to enjoy reading these books?

Other books that I’ve read, like Still Missing – Chevy Stevens, Room – Emma Donoghue, are similar but in a fiction medium.



Fiction or not, these books read like thrillers, they are mysterious, they are gruesome, horrific, and thankfully have happy endings.

Maybe the happy ending makes these books easier to read; the endings are the light at the end of the tunnel.

I guess there is no need to justify reading a book, other than that I enjoy reading them. But what makes me ask is it weird is that I sometimes feel guilty, or that there is something wrong in enjoying reading a book about these horrible acts.

These books serve an amazing purpose though. They educate, they allow you to empathise, they allow you to be thankful and appreciative, and they give you that motivation to want to help others in these situations. I am now more informed, empathetic, thankful, and I do want to help those in these situations.

I am happy that these stories all have happy endings. As much as I enjoy reading about their stories, I hope that there aren’t more stories to come.

She Reads


she reads
Apparently I’ve been on a she reading spree.
Buying books about women, written for women, by women.

These are the books I’ve picked up recently:

I also considered buying this book too:

I decided to check it out from the library before buying it because I’m not sure if it would apply to someone (me) with a long term boyfriend? Any thoughts?
I want to believe it relates to me because I have a man that loves me, and I tend to be closer to the bitch side of the bunny-bitch scale. I can definietly hold my own in my relationship, and in life too!

I think these books will be a nice vacation from reading typical books to reading girly books.

Little Humans Reading




I had an inspiration moment after seeing this posting by Humans of New York, asking for video submissions of little humans reading their book “Little Humans”.

So I thought what a great idea, and why just limit it to children reading one specific book?

I now have a new parental goal and that is to make recordings of my children reading; whether they are looking at the pictures, holding the book upside down, drolling over it, making up the words, or reading the words. I think this collection would be an amazing compliation to put together and to be able to watch their progress over the years as they bloom into readers.



Book Store Fronts


It`s amazing how stores selling the same items – books, could have such different appearances. It`s interesting to think how geography, character, traditions, etc. can play into what a book store can look like and feel like, despite offering the same thing.

It appears that San Fran might be the place to go for independent book stores. From the images I have found, they appear so welcoming, and not like your average used or independent book store (at least like the ones in my city). It makes me wonder if I should take some time to explore Toronto and discover the independent bookstores the city has to offer. I have been to World`s Biggest Bookstore located in Toronto, but it has since been closed. (Despite its name, it was not actually the world`s biggest bookstore).

These store fronts reminds me of my post Searching for the Library . Libraries too in different cities, and countries can have such different atmospheres, character, and design.

I love the look of all of the following book store fronts. Whether it`s because of the windows, a catching sign, or the piles of book, I know that I would stop in any of these book stores to explore.

Wishing I Could Step Into my book




One thing about reading books is that they have the ability to transport you to different times through history, and the future and different places around the world, real or imaginary. A book is a way of travelling without the distance, without the cost, and the time. But sometimes you come across a book in which reading about a place just doesn’t cut it. That book that makes you want to get up off your couch, your bed, your hammock, and set out to see the place you are reading about. It helps if this place is real.

One of the top places I want to visit most would be Nantucket Island, in Massachusetts. I discovered this island while reading books written by Elin Hilderbrand. The island is the recurring setting for her books. Each time I read one of her books I easily get transported to Nantucket and I have such a desire to go there in real life. One of the things that I want to see in real life is the ferry that takes travellers out to the Island. My imagination has done some pretty great work while reading Hilderbrand’s books, imagining the Island, the ferry, the beaches, lighthouses, and town. But I think it would make reading her books that much richer to be able to use real life images from my own travels to the Island to support my imagination, especially to see that ferry in real life. To ride it and feel the breeze, to see the island approaching, and be able to feel those memories again while reading Hilderbrand’s books.


What are some other destinations that you may have read about and will want to travel to one day?